Band Room Online

On this site you can find many resources that will act as a substitute for actual band class, but provide a similar experience. Step into the virtual band room or virtual orchestra room (coming soon!) to learn more.

Musescore Help

Musescore Help is a website that provides free tutorials on how to use the free music notation software Musescore.

Mobile Applications

Brass Routines creates a new routine for you to practice fundamentals every day.

Contained in this app are excerpts commonly required for orchestral auditions. This app is equally geared towards all brass instruments with the option to view excerpts by individual instrument or multiple at a time. If you are actively searching for auditions, this app contains up-to-date information about orchestra opening all across the globe and will automatically provide you with the excerpts required for each audition.

Contained in this app are 46 excerpts commonly asked on orchestral auditions, and a variety of recordings for each.

Practice your scales at random, or get familiar with different kinds of scales.